Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love.....

Twilight: Eclipse! Gotcha didn't I?

I hate that I haven't written anything this week....but, it has been quite the week. Looking at the calendar, I can't believe that today is July 1st. Where has this year gone?

Last night the kids & I went to see Twilight: Eclipse. It was absolutely amazing. I want to go see it again. Since going to the movies is a small fortune we decided to stop at the Dollar Store for some yummy goodies. The kids were so thankful that we went as a family that they opted to use their own money for their candy. I really haven't seen them THIS appreciative in a long time & it made my heart feel so good. 

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Hmm...I like both for totally different reasons. I like Jacob strictly for looks. He is HOT!! Oh yeah, I said it. Thank goodness he is finally 18 so we don't have to feel dirty anymore. LOL. Allyson is certainly on Team Jacob. I didn't ask her why. I didn't have to. I think I already know. I am not sure who Brandon prefers but since he is a boy, I am not sure I care. :)

Now as far as Edward goes....I absolutely love his chemistry with Bella. I guess as a female it is easy for us to be attracted to him for that reason. We all want a burning chemistry with someone. When we find chemistry with someone we really is hard to ignore. However, his looks (to me) are not as great. Maybe it is just the super white face. LOL I will say that he looked much better to me when he was in the tent & there was a shadow on his face, making him look "normal" colored. 

I can't believe that we have to wait until November of 2011 to see more. I haven't read Breaking Dawn but I think I am going to have to start right away. Patience is not my strong suit & I want to know what happens next. I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. I think I even started crying a little, but don't tell anyone. The movie was just so intense. With all this being said, I will be happy to take whoever Bella chooses to leave behind. :)

After the movie we came home & had a delicious frozen pizza. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of eating the 4 cheese version so I wanted to try out the pepperoni. There is something about the pepperoni & how it gets a little burned in my oven that causes sheer happiness. 

We finished out the evening watching TV curled up on the couch together & just enjoying each other's company. We stayed up late & the kids slept in a little later than I care to share. (I won't tell on you Ally)

I hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. Aimee, you have got to read Breaking Dawn! It’s so good and ties everything all together perfectly :) I’ve read and re-read the whole series several times and you’ll see after reading Breaking Dawn that everything is as it should be ;)
    Also, I had to add that we always smuggle our snacks in ;) Once before we had our munchkins, we got Chick-fil-A and right before the movie started I opened up my bag and steam escaped :) My husband and I are going out tomorrow night to see it and I’m just so excited!

  2. Team Edward here. I like them both too, but I love the chemistry with him And Bella too! I like Jacob though too.

    Might I suggest trying frozen CA pizza! They are rapidly becoming my fave! They have a 4 or 5 cheese w/ tomato that is superb. We add onion slices to it too! Yum! My other fave is the pepperoni w/the special sauce. Think it's only out for a limited time, though I hope not!