Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th of July Curse Has Been Broken

What a great, relaxing weekend. I hope that everyone had a wonderful time with their friends & families for the 4th. There will certainly not be a VLOG today as I look like a burn victim. (Thanks for that Sean) We went down to the beach on Saturday for about an hour & a half because I had to work Saturday night. I did not apply sunscreen but I never do so this was not a rare event. (Yes, I know that I should be doing this & now seems like a great time to start.) I came inside to eat & change & I could almost immediately feel my skin start to tighten. I went to work, had my fair share of compliments (yeah right) & then I came home to hang out with my awesome minis.

As I mentioned on Facebook they cleaned up the whole house. I did ask them to do this before I left but I didn't expect it to be done to the quality that it was. I was VERY impressed. For this, they were treated handsomely & they will enjoy a wonderful breakfast tomorrow of all of their favorites. I must say that I am quite excited about this too. Especially since for the last three days I am eating pretty much constantly. I can't explain it....I just can't stop. I gave a dear friend orders that if I can't control it by Wednesday morning that an intervention will be needed. I am not joking.

I decided to skip the beach today & just relaxed. I got some grocery shopping done, wrote my recipe post, let the kids play with friends, & then we all headed downtown for the fireworks.

What can I say about this evening? Plans were changed a 100 times, we thought we were going somewhere & then we were going somewhere else. We ended up downtown at probably the most amazing home I have ever been in. Being in real estate, that says a lot. It was the friend of a friend of a friend's home. (still following?) They welcomed us all with open arms, gave us food, wine, dessert, a tour, unbelievable hospitality, & the best view around. We were on the waterfront, just under the fireworks. It was a night to remember. Note to never know who you are going to meet or run into so be prepared. Don't dress to sit on a downtown sidewalk. LOL

Thanks to my wonderful boss, I will be enjoying the day off tomorrow. At least until 5pm when I go to the 2nd job that I was not so lucky to get off of. I WILL be applying SPF 50 so that I can lay out on the beach without anyone & just be. That is probably the one thing that I REALLY enjoy doing alone. The beach calms me so much that I could just lay there for hours in my own head, thinking, relaxing, sleeping, etc. I just need to ask someone next to me to roll me over if they do not see signs of life for an extended amount of time. LOL

I have been thinking a lot about designing a button for the blog. I know that I need one but I am not the most creative person in the world & I don't have any fancy software. I know what I want it to include but that is about where my creative juices stop. A butterfly of course, three little people, & a cross. Hmm, now that I said that out loud I am not sure if that is even possible. So, I would like to ask for your help. Do you have any great ideas? Colors, layouts, etc.? I am open to anything & I am sure I will know the perfect one when I see it.

Looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for me this week. Have a great night!

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