Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yogurt Search - The Results.....

Hello Everyone! I has been SOOO long since I have been able to post. I love doing it & have plenty to write about, I just can't seem to find the time to sit still long enough to get it done. I started this blog so that we could look back as a family & be reminded of all of the fun things that we did together. Plus, it is a great way to stay in touch with all of you at the same time. So, I at least try to post on my Facebook page several times a day.

A few months ago (we won't say how many), I asked you all for some yogurt recommendations. The response was overwhelming & we appreciated it so very much. I think I expected that the same brand & flavor would keep coming up, but that is not what happened at all. I am not sure if the exact same flavor AND brand came up twice. LOL So we went out to the grocery store & picked up 10 different selections based on what you all had to say.

I knew going into this that the thought of yogurt makes my throat close up & I feel like I am going to lose my cookies so getting a few toppings was going to be key as well. Why would I put myself through this? Well, I am not a protein lover. I eat meat, but I don't look forward to it. If I ever say, "Let's go out for steak." I REALLY want a steak. I like seafood & can only eat chicken so many times. I need a protein that is fast & I can eat on the go, take to work for lunch, etc. etc. Yogurt seems like a good choice so I really wanted to like it. Did I?

Let's start of with the toppings. I LOVE fruit! I thought that some yummy, sweet fruit would be a good option & even if I hated the yogurt....I still had the fruit. :) We also picked up some granola. Looks yummy, smells yummy, sounds yummy, so it has to be yummy. Years ago I did enjoy eating the parfait from McDonalds & theirs had fruit & granola so this is what I was going for without having to go to their drive through everyday & pick up fries while I was there too. LOL Here were our selections....

If you can't tell from the photo, it is strawberries & blueberries. Yum! So now we need our yogurt. Here are our selections....

Yoplait Whips Chocolate Mousse Style
Chobani Greek Yogurt Vanilla Non-fat
Yoplait Light Fat Free Banana Cream Pie
Yoplait Light Fat Free Blueberry Patch
Yoplait Light Fat Free Strawberry
Yoplait Light Fat Free Key Lime Pie
Yoplait Delights Parfait Chocolate Raspberry
Light & Fit Vanilla
Light & Fit Pineapple Coconut
Stonyfield Low Fat French Vanilla

We weren't sure what to expect & we didn't want to go into dairy over load so we broke this down into two nights. Besides, it gave us an activity for two nights as a family so it worked out.

We sampled each one - plain, with fruit, with granola, & then with both. Here are our top five results, in order. 

1. Chobani                                                    
2. Whips Mousse                               
3. Stonyfield                                        
    Banana Cream Pie

1. Stonyfield                                                                                     
2. Whips Mousse                                                                        
3. Chobani                                          
4. Banana Cream Pie                            
5. Pineapple/Coconut                            

2. Banana Cream Pie
3. Chobani
4. Stonyfield
5. Whips Mousse        

Here is the short version....

Aimee - I really could only bear the Chobani. I MIGHT in the future be willing to try other Chobani flavors. (loaded with fruit & some granola) Plus, it has the most protein so this is the brand that I wanted to like the most. I haven't eaten yogurt since. 

Allyson - She hasn't eaten yogurt since either. 

Brandon - Actually liked a few yogurt flavors before this test. However, because we did this, he found a new flavor that he picks up nearly every time we are at the grocery store. The Pineapple/Coconut with a little bit of granola. 

We had a ton of fun with this, tried new things, laughed a lot, & really enjoyed the fruit! Thank you all for your suggestions. 

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  1. I'm SO bummed that no one liked the Key Lime pie one!!! That is my favorite one and I don't usually go for real Key Lime pie! :-)