Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Beach Adventures

Just like my last post, this one should have been done months ago. Sadly, the kids do not love the beach as much as I do. So, there are many days that I had to beg, threaten, or bribe them to go down with me. Most of them time, I don't mind going alone, taking a nap, & enjoying the peace of the crashing waves....but sometimes, I really want them with me more. This particular day was a day that I had to really argue & beg Allyson to go with us. Brandon was excited & he was up for anything. 

We got down to the beach & after about 30-45 minutes we were all getting ants in our suits so I suggested a walk. This is where the real begging (arguing) came into play. Ally, bless her heart, doesn't like any form of exercise very much. Love you Ally! I promised that we would have fun & we DID! Here are a few photos.

Our first interesting find. Dead, but all in one piece. 

Jellyfish - There actually aren't that many around here. 

He was chasing us. This is the biggest live crab I've ever seen on the beach. The picture doesn't do him justice. 

Now, this is when the REAL fun began. When you get to the North end of Wrightsville Beach, the water is very calm, & is much like a little lake. The kids had a wonderfully fun time jumping in, getting out, jumping in again, swimming around, splashing, laughing, & having a blast. This has become a favorite spot for us. I had no idea that my iPhone would take such great action shots. 


I'm not sure if you can tell, but both of the kids are in the first photo. Brandon is in the second & then Allyson is in the third. What fun!

I hope that you enjoyed our field trip. We did.

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