Monday, October 4, 2010


I am not sure what brings it on sometimes. I will be having what seems like a "normal" day & then emotions just HIT me. Last night, I was getting ready for bed & somehow started watching Kayleigh's videos. 

I hope that you don't mind taking a trip with me this week as I upload Kayleigh's videos to our family blog & on Facebook. It is sure to be emotional, but that's okay. I love her, I miss her, & I never want to stop feeling & remembering our lives with her. We love you Kayleigh!


  1. It is perfectly fine AND normal to think about her and remember her. I am so glad that you have these videos to watch....but you're killing me!! :-( :-)

    Love to you!!


  2. I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose your child! Upload as many videos and pictures of Kayleigh as you want!!!! :-)
    Blessings to you and Allyson and Brandon!

  3. Oh Aimee, I wish you were near and we could cry together! You are the strongest, most beautiful woman. Keep your head up and share everything with us. I spent many night crying and mornings praying! We love you all!!!

    Hugs from Utah!!!! :)

  4. Aimee...Thanks for sharing these videos. I have followed Kayleighs story since day 1. I fell in love with her just like the world did. I pray for you daily. Keep your head up and give Allyson and Brandon hugs.
    Allison K -GA

  5. Aimee, thanks for sharing these videos.... I'm sure these bring back bitter and sweet memories of Kayleigh...I'm also a mom of two kids and I can't imagine how much sacrifice you and Adam had to go through... having a family member that's sick is the farthest thing in every parent's mind. Hang in there... your kids are your greatest treasures in this world.

    Lulu B. - TX

  6. Aimee..Thanks for sharing these videos of Kayleigh. I've seen one of her videos on facebook just a couple of days ago and from then on I keep on reading the blog.I even cried so hard after knowing that she didn't make it. I feel for you because I am also a mom.I even felt lonely when I learned that you and Adam have separate lives now.But who am I to judge? Only God knows what lies behind us.Hoping that the memories of your sweet Kayleigh won't be forgotten especially to those who were touched by her story.
    God Bless you and your family always!

    Myl J.

  7. Aimee, I am glad and feel so blessed that you have chosen to so openly share Kayleigh's story with us. Thank you for posting these videos. Your choice to invite us into this journey with you is a true blessing. I can feel God's presence every time I read your blog, remember Kayleigh, or watch your videos. Again, thank you.

  8. Aimee, I have days like that too. I find myself glued to Carly's videos, thinking back and remembering our times together. Kayleigh was a sweet little girl and I think of her often. Did you go to the butterfly release this past Oct 9th? I didn't see you there.

    Much love