Thursday, November 11, 2010

14 Days of Thanks

I am sitting here tonight thinking of all of the things that I am thankful for. I was about to post on my Facebook page & then I decided that in the spirit of trying to blog more, I would just do it here. :) So, for the next 14 days I am going to post about something that I am thankful for. I would like you to comment with something that you are thankful for in return. I love hearing about the joy in all of your lives. YOUR comments will touch other people & we will all be that more thankful. Some days it will be huge & some days it may be the slightest gesture that someone offered to you to make you smile.

Of course I am thankful for the Lord, my children, my friends, my job, my health, etc. etc. I want to find those little things that become big things & post about those. A little, off the wall comment that one of the kids might make, a sunny day, etc. Those types of things.

Tonight brought a smile to my face that had me & Brandon dancing in the kitchen. I won Bon Jovi tickets on 94.5 The Hawk with Dutch Hawk. (of course I have to give them a plug) The concert is on February 21st in Raleigh which is about two hours away. You might think, "Ugh. Two hours away." I am thinking, "Road trip & amazing experience!" I have no idea about the details, where I'll stay, when I'll go, where my seats are, etc. I just know that I am going! After loving them for what, 23 years or so? I have probably been to 30 concerts....never Bon Jovi! I am stoked & can't wait.

Tonight I am thankful for music. I absolutely love music & it can so often change a mood completely around. It makes you feel good when you don't, allows you to cry when you want to, gets deep into your soul if you let it, & causes you to sing a levels that might make those around you wish they would go deaf. I am also thankful for games like Guitar Hero & Rock Band because they have opened my children up to the music that I love without them thinking that I am "old" & "uncool". Ok, fine. Maybe they still think that. LOL

With that being is my favorite song for tonight from Bon Jovi (the one that I played at least 15 times & am going to play again as soon as I post this & do not have to concentrate any longer) & one of my favorites of all time. One of my best in the car, singing at the top of our lungs, singing experiences was to the this 2nd song. (also found on Rock Band)

I hope that you enjoy the music & I hope that you comment about what you are thankful for! I'd love to hear it.

PS - You bet I am going to take photos, videos, & Twitter while I am at the concert! I HAVE to share the experience with all of you!


  1. So glad to see you blogging again, Amy. You have been missed!!
    Bon Jovi makes me want to melt! Sooooo excited for you (and a little jealous, too). I love "It's My Life".
    Tonight as I was driving home, I was reminded by a pastor on the radio that hundreds of people around the world will starve to death in the next 24 hours. And the even though we may sit down to a meal that we don't particularly want to eat (as was my case at dinner this evening), we need to still be thankful for the food and God's provision in it. It struck me hard so . . . tonight I am thankful for full cupboards and a fully tummy.

  2. Hello Aimee, I'm thankful to have been blessed with two amazing kids to go home to after a very stressful work day. It brings me back to the very reason why I'm bustin' my ass 8 hours a day, 5x a week. And I'm sure you are most thankful for the beautiful kids (one Angel in heaven) that God has given you :) God Bless!

    - Lulu B., Plano TX