Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to Adam. It breaks my heart that our sweet Angel is not here on Earth to celebrate with her daddy. I hope that he will somehow feel her presence today. Adam - Brandon, Allyson, & I all miss you very much. You are never far from our hearts, thoughts, & prayers. We love you! Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day to Mike & all of the other Fathers as well!


Aimee Freeman


  1. First off, Happy Fathers Day to Mike! Hope he and the kids have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    I know it breaks your hear about Adam, and you are the mature one here...wishing him a Happy Fathers Day. Wow. If he could have only given you the same respect on Mothers Day. I know it isn't about that, but you are a way bigger person that he will ever be. I hope he sees this and sees how much you really care.

    It breaks my heart more that Kayleigh isn't here to spend it with either of you two.

  2. Beautiful Aimee...the view is always so much nicer from the high road!;)

  3. Wow Aimee..a better woman than I am! Such beatiful pics of the little princess!

  4. Thank you very much! I appreciate it. Thanks again for the card as well. It has been a tough morning so far, but I am hanging in there.

    I am going to text him as well, but Happy Father's Day Mike!!!

    I revceived a lot of wonderful comments and Father's Day blessings from so many friends and bloggers, so that has kept my spirits high.

    Wishing you all a blessed weekend.


  5. I don't know you but have read about Kayleigh and your family. I've experienced what it is like when a family falls apart and so understand the crazy times.

    I pray that all of you find peace and continue to focus on what a positive impact little Kayleigh, your other children and you have on the world! Use your life experiences to continue to help others. Model respectful behaviors for your children and remember that God has a plan for all of us. You are a lady Aimee and as Becky stated will enjoy the view on the higher road.
    God bless you.