Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Kayleigh Bear!!


In this world we live in, experiencing the birth of a child is beyond any emotional understanding. We crave the excitement and milestones that are set from each passing day for nearly ten months until that child graces our presence away from the womb. Envisioning a perfect world with a perfect pregnancy is what many people live for, sharing their love and building a life that will once touch the lives of others. No one is ever prepared for trouble, no one is ever prepared for fear and no one is ever prepared for what God's plan is. We are prepared only to take what God has given to us and make it better through faith, hope and love.

In December 2007, Aimee and Adam Freeman brought a souvenir home from Disney World. Her name was to be Kayleigh Anne Freeman and little did the Freemans know, this precious girl was going to touch the world. Several months in to their pregnancy, a routine check up at CMC's Maternal Fetal Medicine downtown, was given to determine the sex of their baby, but only grim news was given that their precious little one was not going to survive much longer.

Fear of losing Kayleigh was at the tip of everyone's mind. There was zero expectancy of survival as Kayleigh had too long to go and too much to grow before she could grace our presence in this world. The Freemans bought a fetal doppler so they could listen to the heart beat morning, day and night. They wanted to know when her heart had taken it's last beat. Days turned into weeks and into months as Kayleigh kept fighting. Every doctors visit was exciting because they made it to another milestone, but left saddened as the unfortunate diagnosis of severe IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) determined Kayleigh's growth was still falling behind.

Ten weeks later, Aimee was stricken with severe preeclampsia and was rushed to the CMC-Main in Charlotte, NC. Fear of losing Aimee, Kayleigh or both was torture to the family, but keeping faith through it all was strengthening their hearts. Time was not on their side as they feared Kayleigh would not reach a viable weight to live outside the womb. She would have had to grow over 150 grams in the past two weeks to reach that viable weight and she had only grown 300 grams in the past 28 weeks. Kayleigh's survival was looking very doubtful at this point in time because only God could bless Kayleigh with that kind of growth. And you know what? He certainly did. The test showed that Kayleigh had grown an unbelievable 170 grams since the last measurement two weeks prior.

That early morning on June 23rd 2008, Aimee's symptoms began to worsen and at 3:00 AM, she was rushed in to the delivery room where this one pound miracle from God was delivered. Kayleigh weighed an astonishing one pound, one ounce and was only ten and a half inches long. After five of the longest minutes, the neonatal team was able to insert a breathing tube into Kayleigh's lungs to allow her to breath. She was quickly rushed up to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) where she would continue to fight the battle to survive for the next ten months.

Kayleigh's fight would soon be heard across the world through the internet, on major news stations and the television daytime show, "The Doctors." Families across the globe would stand fast and pray for this beautiful little girl who faced battle after battle, and would continue to defy the odds of survival to show that anything is possible. Kayleigh faced seven major surgeries and was one of the smallest children to ever undergo open heart surgery at three pounds. Her surgeries included ROP eye surgery, bowel exploratory surgery, open heart surgery for VSD repair, tracheotomy, bilateral hernia repair, nissen fundoplication, and PEG placement.

As Kayleigh endured her final surgery that would soon bring her home to the beautiful pink and brown room her parents prepared for her, she lost functioning of her brain and her health deteriorated soon after causing her to go to Heaven on May 11th, 2009.

Kayleigh will never be forgotten at CMC or in the hearts of all of those who followed her miraculous journey. She was given a purpose to touch many lives through faith, hope and love. Kayleigh's parents are blessed that God gave them ten months with Kayleigh and they know this will not be goodbye forever.

Kayleigh is made new and is healthy in Heaven, waiting for her parents to hold her, kiss her and rejoice in the wonderful life they shared together. Time on earth is but a grain of sand on the largest beach compared to the time the Freemans will spend eternity with Kayleigh in Heaven. All of Kayleigh's family, doctors, nurses and prayer warriors are beyond proud of their one pound miracle and they all pray your life will be touched by her amazing journey.

Just click to view "Kayleigh's Story" and follow the ups and downs of her miraculous journey and how her strength touched the world. On the right tool bar are the "Archives" and you can follow it all the way back from the beginning. All we ask is that you grab some tissues and get ready to be touched by this "One Pound Blessing from God"

To see 15+ minutes of the most precious Kayleigh photos, click on the link at the top of her home page, "Kayleigh's Videos" and enjoy in the beauty of an Angel.

"Happy Birthday Sweet Kayleigh, We ALL Love You So Much!!!"

Mommy & Daddy (post written by daddy)


  1. how sweet! she was an amazing miracle.. your family is so amazing and i did have twins in nicu i know a little of what you went to but not the extent.. i cried either good or bad for every post i read when i started following your blog back in 2008... Happy Birthday sweet Kayleigh you are amazing and to beautiful for words...
    The Sender Family

  2. adam, you have an amazing way with words and your post brought me to tears. happy birthday to your and aimee's sweet angel. god bless your whole family.

  3. My son was born a few months after Kayleigh. I ended up having a rough time with things - I got sick towards the end and things just didn't go my way. I felt overwhelmed - a newborn at home to take care of while I was still sick and facing a few surgeries of my own (and I was recovering from my c-section)I was full of feeling sorry for myself because my son's birth and the time after didn't go as planned.

    Then I stumbled across Kayleigh's blog. Someone had posted it on babycenter, and I checked it out. And instantly I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I realized how blessed I was that my son spent only five minutes in the NICU, I realized how blessed I was to have him home with me. I realized there were parents out there who would kill to give a 2 AM feeding - and then a 5 AM feeding. It killed me to know that you guys couldn't even touch Kayleigh when you wanted too, and I realized just how lucky I was. Even more, I realized that if Kayleigh could endure all the tests and procedures and surgeries that she was going through, then certainly I could handle a few more of my own - both of which were un-invasive and only one required an overnight hospital stay.

    I really do believe Kayleigh was always an Angel, and she did amazing work while she was here on earth. I cannot thank you all enough for sharing your story and making me count my blessings, because really, I had and do have so much to be grateful for.

    Happy birthday Kayleigh, you are still and will always be simply amazing.

  4. You guys are amazing. Adam you have a awesome way with words. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl. Seeing the pictures really warmed my heart again. I feel very blessed to have your family in my life. I hope and pray each day for your family.

  5. Happy Birthday sweet angel! May God bless your family!


  7. Happy Birthday Sweet Kayleigh! Always in our hearts....... Hugs and prayers to you and your family today Aimee!

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Kayleigh!!! Enjoy your birthday in Heaven...can't wait to get there to meet you sweet girl. Send Mommy, Allyson & Brandon special kisses today. Love you & Miss you!!! ♥

  9. Beautiful post for a beautiful little girl. I pray that today (as everyday) your family has a blessed day full of love, laughter, peace, healing and butterflies. Kayleigh truly was a one pound miracle from God who touch the lives of so many. Happy Birthday Sweet Angel!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Kayleigh! Enjoy dancing with the angels today!

  11. Happy Heavenly Birthday!!!! Prayers for your family...

  12. I feel like crying, it brings tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday sweet Kayleigh.

  13. Aimee, I knew most of your story, but not to the extent, I guess. After just having my first in Jan., I just can't imagine. It makes me so appreciate to my doctor for all the care and attention she gave me and how blessed I am. Bless dear Kayleigh, and I pray and hope for a wonderful rest of the year for you. You have been through so much these last few years that you and your kids deserve nothing but happiness. Happy Birthday dear Kayleigh (late), and God bless you, Aimee.